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Rewiring a Period Property

Here at Key Electrical Services Ltd, we are passionate about Rewiring Period Properties. We have the experience to know how these period properties have previously been wired, and we have the care, the ability and the attention to detail to ensure that your period property is rewired to the very latest standards and the very highest of specifications.

Period Properties have often not had their electrics checked for quite some time, please refer to our checklist below for some guidelines to ensure the Electrical installation in a Period Property is safe and up to date.
As with any home, the greatest risk to your property is fire and out of date electrical installations increases the risk of this. We advise that a full electrical inspection of your period property is carried out at least once every 10 years.

Our engineers can also add additional electrical services when wiring your period period property such as alarm systems, external sensors for security lighting, electrical points in the garden to your period property for soft garden lighting, entertainment areas etc.
We have previously found that there are not many electrical sockets in period properties that have not yet been modernised. We can install new power points in any location to help with todays’ growing need of charging devices etc. Perhaps you would benefit from USB plugs installing into your period property, this is a very safe and effective method of charging devices whilst still have use of a plug. Or, we can simply add more plug points.

As with all homeowners, we can imagine that your home is your pride and joy. Period Property renovations are your opportunity to add a modern twist to your home. There are many modern features that would sit well within your period property, adding value, and just that extra touch that makes your home, your home. During the rewiring of your period property, you might light to add modern switches, or old fashioned period switches, the choice is yours. You might like to install a grand and impressive Chandelier, or you may like to remove one for mood lighting. Key Electrical Services engineers can help you produce your dream home by working with you to explore all opportunities available to you.

Our engineers will also point out to you any cosmetic changes and fixes that may be required should you be opting for a complete rewire of your period property. For example, currently, some of your wiring may be on show, why not take the opportunity to conceal the wiring? We will inform you beforehand if we would need to cut through any cornices or plaster mouldings for example as this may change your decision.

Checklist – Does my Period Property need Rewiring?

For the avoidance of doubt, we would always suggest that if you need to ask yourself this question, it would be wise to have an electrical survey of your period property carried out.

Fire kills, don’t leave it to chance! We also recommend that you have your electrics tested at least every 10 years.

This does not mean you will need a rewire every 10 years.

  1. You will likely need a rewire every 25 to 30 years
  2. Do you have an old fashioned fuse box / consumer unit? When rewiring your period property these are able to be replaced without the need for a full rewire, if the cabling and wiring is all still in a safe condition. Today’s consumer units are a lot more sophisticated that previous versions. Think safety!
  3. Do you have surface mounted cables running to your plugs? When rewiring your period property this could be a sign that your electrical installation is old, however it could also be that to save internal décor, they have been purposefully mounted this way. Again, if in doubt – Check
  4. Are your cables covered with lead, rubber or fabric? When re wiring your period property this is an absolute sign of old wiring and we would urge you to get these checked as soon as possible
  5. Are there old fashioned switches or plug sockets or even a combination of the two? When rewiring your period property this could be by choice or by circumstance, again please get these safety checked